About Us

Borne from years of experience on a wide range of productions, Lucamax Pictures has the skill and knowledge to create compelling content for all budgets and genres.

Whether you are looking for inventive original content, or have projects that need a unique touch to bring to life, Lucamax Pictures is ready to meet your needs.

Our Team

Bruce Branit

Bruce Branit is a seven time Primetime Emmy nominee for VFX work on shows such as Lost, Star Trek, Breaking Bad and Westworld. But he is better known for his original content and short films. His film 405: The Movie is a ground breaking viral short which has been cited by Neill Blomkamp, Danny Trachtenberg and J.J. Abrams as an inspiration in their own filmmaking careers.

His film work often deals with themes of people separated by seductive technologies, left yearning to reestablish authentic, face to face, human connections.

Director’s Reel

Sample Short Films

John FK Parenteau

John’s entertainment career spans over thirty years during which he has worked in nearly every aspect of filmmaking, including cinematography, visual effects, writing, producing and directing. With the unique skillset that allows him to bridge the creative and business arenas, John has both managed companies as well as led artistic teams. He won an Emmy Award in 1995 for his work on Star Trek: Voyager, and has supervised or produced visual effects on such wide ranging projects as Hunger Games, Oceans 8 and Iron Man.

John has a passion for story and character, and enjoys examining the deeper side of the human psyche in his films.

Director’s Reel

Sample Short Films