Big Red Bow

Written and Directed by Bruce Branit

This was a spec spot created for Disney's Star Wars Weekends at Disney World. The spot was seen by over a million people in a week and was downloaded and tweeted about more than the official spot.

This fun spot is full of Star Wars Easter eggs.

It was produced in association with Through A Glass Productions in Lawrence, Kansas with Jeremy Osbern as director of photography.

Scroll to the bottom to view the full spot.

Writer/Director: Bruce Branit / Lucamax Pictures
Production: Through A Glass Productions
Producer: Chris Blunk, Michelle Davidson
Director of Photography: Jeremy Osbern
Assistant Director: Chris Weaver
Starring: Darren Kennedy, Alicia Cabrera
VFX: BranitFX
Editorial: Bruce Branit
Colorist: Taylre Jones